Definition of French Doors

The most basic definition of a french door is simply a door with glass that lets light into a room. French doors originated in France , as explained in an earlier post.  French doors can have any number of lites (separate pieces of glass), such as one lite, 5 lite, 10, 15 lite, and any number of custom lites.  Glass can be clear, frosted, or custom art glass.  French doors can be single doors, such as this single pocket door shown below:

Sliding Glass Door

French doors can be in series, such as the cherry french doors on the main page of this site below.

French doors are not limited to any one type of wood, size, or number of lites.  Custom glass such as some of these types below can be added:
Cross Reeded 1/2' Reeds Textured GlassArctic Textured GlassMorisco Textured Glass

Pennies are used here for scale, in order to show you how large the patterns are.  See for more information on french doors, or call toll-free for quotes at 1-800-772-0314 M-F 8:00 – 4:30 P.M.