Custom French Doors

For any question or quotes on custom french doors, please call us toll-free at 800-772-0314, or e-mail us at, or use our quote form on the right side of the page.

Custom French Door

Custom french doors can be manufactured in a wide variety of styles. A few examples of these doors are shown on this page.

Custom French Door
First, we have our decorative glass doors made in custom heights and widths. We have fast easy pricing for these doors. Just go the next size up, and add $25.00 to the price. For instance, a 29” wide door pricing starts with 30” wide pricing, and add $25.00. These custom decorative glass doors are available in any of our wood and decorative glass combinations.
Secondly, we have have french doors with our standard panel design doors, from, and have substitutions of glass for panels. This can be done in our decorative glass, or clear tempered glass. Due to requirements for our order sizes on beveled glass, and grooved glass, these glass types are only available in our standard sizes.
Another type of custom french door is altering our standard door deisgns, such as a 30” divided lite french door, and turning it into a 5 lite door in the same width. This can be done in both our decorative glass, or our clear tempered glass
Custom French Door


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